The After-school Program is designed for school aged children in Kindergarten through Grade 7. Our licensed facility offers an arts &crafts room, a games room, a kitchen, a resource area home to our computer terminals, a movie room and a large backyard play area. We work with a superb child to staff ratio in order to provide specialized high quality programming.  We believe our people are our greatest asset and have a dedicated and experienced team.

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During the weekday hours of 2pm-6pm, we offer:

Homework Club  |  Free Tutoring Program  |  Arts and Crafts  |  Science Experiments  |  Nutritious Snacks  |  Baking  |  Outdoor Activities | Games Room  |  Literacy Program  |  Photography Club  |  30 minutes (minimum) of physical activity daily  |  Guest Speakers and Presentations

See a sample of our Monthly programming here: Program Schedule Sample - November 2013

Our program also operates full days (8:00 am-6:00pm) on PD days, Parent Teacher Interview days and we offer a full week camp during the Christmas and March break school vacations.

$17.00 per day for members |  $30.00 per day for non-members  |

Contact Nikita at 902-838-2884 or for availability.

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Current Rates:

**$25.00 Registration Fee**  |  $55.00 for one child  |  $100.00 for two children  |  $150.00 for three or more children  |