Draw Date: September 17, 2020


Number: 4832

Amount: $4,627.00

Next Draw is September 24, 2020

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Draw Information

Our club operates a community 50/50 draw each week as a fundraiser to keep our busy programs going! Each week participants play a toonie with their number in the hopes of taking home 50% of the income for that week. If a registered toonie number is drawn and not played, the money for that week is added to the next. When this occurs it is called a Non-winner. The next week 50% of the new income is added to whatever remains in the pot (if there was a NON-Winner the previous week) and as usual 50% goes to supporting the programs at our club!

Lottery License #15058

How Do I play?

Drop in to one of the 50/50 Box locations and sign up using the registration sheet. Complete each component of the sheet, drop the tear off end in the box and keep the middle section with your number on it! You can then write your number on the stickers located on the side of the box, stick it on the toonie and drop it in. Each week you can simply continue to record your number on a sticker on a toonie and drop it off at one of our locations!

When Are Boxes Picked Up?

Wednesday Mornings – Toonies must be in by Tuesday Night

You can also play your toonie in the box at our clubhouse up until 11:00am on Thursdays. Our offices are open from 9:00am-6:00pm.

When Is The Draw Made?

Thursdays at 12:25pm on CFCY by the announcer. If it is a winner, they will be contacted as soon as possible and the announcement will be made after contact. If it is a NON-winner, the number will be posted on facebook on Thursday afternoon. The Bonanza 50/50 Draw is licensed #12028 through the Province of PEI Lottery Schemes License. The draw and finances is also audited by a local accounting firm voluntarily each year. This way, you can be sure that the process is fair and the money goes directly to supporting the valuable programs we offer for youth in our community! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Get In The Game at These Great Locations!

-Sam's Restaurants (Cornwall and Charlottetown)

- Needs Convenience Locations (Brackley Point Rd., St. Peters Rd.)

- Sobeys Express (Ken's Corner)

- Sobeys Extra (Stratford)

- Needs Gas Bar (Walker Drive in the Foodland parking lot)

- Esso Locations ( Stratford, Belvedere)

- Murphy's Pharmacy Locations (Parkdale and West Royalty)

- Scotchfort Ultramar

- Irving (Winsloe, Sherwood)

-Mel's Locations (University Ave., St. Peters Rd., Winsloe and North River)

-Wilson's Gast Stop (Corner of Kensington Rd. and Exhibition Dr.)

Pay Ahead Program

Our 50/50 Bonanza Pay Ahead Program is now on. Getting in the game is easy when you pre-pay your existing Bonanza number for a period that is convenient for you! Pay in advance for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months and you'll never see your number as a dreaded 'non-winner'.
For information on the draw, how to enter, or to check if you are currently signed up for our Pay Ahead Program please call 902-892-1817 or email development@bgcharlottetown.com

We can also accept e-transfer for our Pay Ahead Program. Just email your payment (with your Bonanza number) to development@bgcharlottetown.com and make the security answer bonanza
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Past Draw Results
Aug 6, 2020 - Non-Winner - #3967 - $1,759.00